EWMA 2017 WAS HELD (3-5 May 2017)

 Some of the presentations of our Turkish colleagues are:


Gürkan KAYA. The biology of skin aging, dermatoporosis


Pınar AVŞAR. The effect of nursing interventions aiming to increase tissue tolerance, on maintaining tissue integrity and cost-effectiveness analysis: Turkish case


Ömer Arda ÇETİNKAYA. Serhat ÖZDOĞAN, Hakan UNCU. Results of intralesional recombinant human epidermal growth factor therapy in 21 patients with diabetic foot ulcers


Ali BARUTÇU. Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer With Prf (Platelet Rıch Fıbrın): A Case Study.


Ercan CİHANDİDE, Deniz YAHCI, Yeşim COŞKUN, Oğuz KAYIRAN. 4 Management Of Life-Threatening Post Surgical Wound In Newborn Intensive Care Unit: A Case Report


Ercan CİHANDİDE, Deniz YAHCI, Oğuz KAYIRAN.Time Management In Granulation Tissue Formation-Platelet Rich Fibrin Applications.


İrem TEZER, Christian FABRICIUS. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment In Thalassemia Intermediate Patients Leg Ulcer.

Hanife İNÇ. Management of Wound Due To Intravenous Infusion: Tpn Burn.


Zeynep ŞAHİN.The Importance of Wound Care.


Asu ÖZGÜLTEKİN, Semih GÜNER, Onur Şahin ÖZYOL, Tuna KARAHAN, Osman EKİNCİ. Comparison of Hyaluronic Acid Containing Products With Wet Dressing For Severe Decubitus Ulcers.


EWMA board member Prof Dr Selçuk Baktıroğlu chaired the "Basic Science" session.

Dr Bengüsu Mirasoglu made a presentation in the "Cooperating Organization" workshop as the representative of Turkish society: Chronic Wound Care in Turkey.


There were 165 supporting companies in the meeting. Next EWMA meeting will be organized in Krakow, Poland in 9-11 May 2017.